Quality belts without holes, adjustable belts to the perfect fit


Unique Patented Design
Different than other ratchet belts on the market, our patented design makes SlideBelts more functional and easier to use.

Mix-and-Match Fashion
Get the perfect combination for any occasion with interchangeable straps and buckles.
Compatible with any SlideBelts Standard-width (1.25″) product.

Faux Leather Strap
Faux Leather that looks so good, you’ll want to wear it until the cows come home. It’s animal-free, cruelty-free, vegan leather that’s more durable and longer lasting than traditional leather.

A Foolproof Gift
With custom cut-to-fit sizing, SlideBelts are the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and any other gift-able holidays.


In 2004, Brig received a generous gift from one of his students while teaching abroad in Moldova: a ratchet belt. Instead of using worn out holes and an unreliable prong, this leather belt used something different: a tab on the buckle that ratcheted into teeth-like ridges sewn to the back of the leather strap.

Fascinated with the utility of the belt, Brig thought it could become a huge hit with some stylistic changes. He collaborated to improve and refine the buckle for the fashion world. As it turned out, the ratcheting buckle was already public domain, and a SlideBelts patent would not be possible until 9 years later when he improved and redesigned the buckle into a dual-ratchet lever.

Until their unique dual-ratchet redesign was ready, the older buckle style would have to do: a familiar but awkward buckle with a tiny protruding lever to activate the ratchet. Michelle undertook the task of launching the belts into the e-commerce scene while Brig worked at Nugget Markets to pay for inventory costs. With a lot of tireless hard work and attention to detail, SlideBelts grew from their garage into a new office space. With over 40,000 belts sold in 2013 and the recent success of their Kickstarter Survival Belt project, SlideBelts is well positioned to continue its exponential growth.


Our commitment to refining and improving our products means we utilize the best materials for you. Some of our competitors use synthetic fillers in their belts. SlideBelts does not. We understand how much you value a high-quality perfect fitting belt that’s comfortable, easy to adjust, and stylish. We offer high-quality belts so you will look great!

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